March 2012


Buying in the Shops VS. Growing at Home: Which is Right for You?

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Marijuana is no longer a hippie subculture accessory, but rather a medicinal herb that may trump some of the most commonly used pills and over the counter palliatives. Chances are you or a loved one have stood in line at a pharmacy when you have been sick, well visiting a dispensary or co-op is no different.

Those using cannabis after being diagnosed with a serious illness want access to the safest medicine available. It’s important to know that the proper care and procedures were taken to ensure mold and pests will not be an issue. Most shops sell a wide variety of the highest quality lab-tested flowers, edibles, extracts, clones, and seeds available to the market.


The average patient more accustomed to visiting a pharmacy when in need of medicine may not have the time nor interest in mastering the behind-the-scene farming. There is nothing wrong with that. If this describes you, then a simple trip or in some cases a phone call to a delivery service is the best choice.


For some, growing is a superfluous hassle and for others, the process adds a therapeutic benefit. Studies show that being outside around nature can lower stress and therefore aid the immune system. If your needs are long-term, growing is the cheapest way of getting the medicine in bulk as the source is replenishing with proper care.


The largest perk to growing the medicine in the comfort of your own home is knowing exactly what goes into your cannabis by being in control of the environment in which it is grown. For many of us suffering from health complications, maintaining quality control can be a very important part of recovery. The incentives of growing, however, must be fairly weighed against not doing so.


First off, every piece of equipment you buy is an investment for an end product, which won’t arrive for months, if at all. The equipment can get very expensive if you desire to get the grade you see in the dispensaries and buy everything the sales guy recommends. So after setting up and getting started, how many times will it take you to get it right?


Chances are, no matter how hard you try, the first several harvest cycles will be less rewarding than the effort put forth. This process can get frustrating, but if you find that having a large surplus offsets consuming leafy, airy bud until mastering the production of dense, resin-packed flowers, persistence and attention to detail will get you the results you crave. Like raising children, the more love and time you devote, the better they turn out. The results can be a recurring source of pride and accomplishment. Home cultivation flourishes when these four factors exist:


1) Lots of extra time for both research and pruning type duties.

2) At least a little bit of investment money and space, even $100 can get you started.

3) The belief that gardening will help your overall sense of well-being.

4) Patience, it may take you years to get your first batch of primo cannabis.


Once the routines and habits of farming are established, you will start to feel a sense of unity and tranquility while in your garden. Growing isn’t right for everyone, but if you desire to test out your green thumb and find yourself with these four things and a medical marijuana license, happy gardening!

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