June 2013


3 Ways You Can Support the Legalization Movement Today

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Comedian Daniel Tosh said it best in his crass stand-up style, “I think we should legalize marijuana in this country… so potheads have nothing to talk about ever again.” Marijuana and humor have a long-standing love affair, which makes it easy to forget that it’s a miracle plant with life-saving properties.


The War on Drugs and the revolt against it have one interesting connection: they have both lost the attention of the nation. States moving toward legalization are spinning in circles with California taking the lead for inconsistent laws, while law enforcement officials agree the system is riddled with chaos. From a pathetic lack of raid coverage in the news to the President’s inconsistent promises, one message rings loud and clear: the true medicinal power of cannabis is being snuffed out and buried. So how do were-ignite the blaze?


1. Learn. The most reliable resources are studies done by university research programs and connoisseurs of the industry. Being a part of UnitedPatientsGroup.com puts you on the right track!


Modern science validates the efficacy of cannabis to treat multiple serious conditions,310770_534310036607083_994507433_n cancers, and diseases, with virtually no negative side effects. Yet, the Supreme Court has not reclassified Marijuana from its Schedule 1 status alongside heroine. Children, adults, and elderly alike are suffering, some dying needlessly every day, while a remedy is within reach. With so many other crucial issues demanding center stage, it’s painful for people to invest their energy unless directly affected. So how do we bring attention to the issue?


2. Share to anyone and everyone within earshot; friends, family, strangers at the grocery store. Get comfortable with the discussion. Explain the importance of this issue, and that lives are at stake!


The Chinese were the first to record Cannabis as a food, textile, and then medicine beginning in 6000 B.C., so it’s not exactly a new topic. If we can shed the stale stigma, just imagine what cannabis can accomplish with our assistance. With our support, the government will have no choice but to stop wasting 180k a day undermining state law but instead ensure success.


3. Act on your knowledge. Keep the conversation alive by contacting your senators and attending local protests. Hold the rest of the world accountable.


Learn, Share, Act


Inspire others to follow suit. Together, we can replicate the passion of the breast cancer campaign and the Livestrong movement! Together, WE CAN see medical marijuana become a healing, popular, and legal alternative drug.

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