April 2014


Let’s Come Out of the 4/20 Closet

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Every day a patient passes away who could have had a longer life with the aid of cannabis. Every day someone gets arrested for smoking a joint and spends time behind bars. And on that same day, someone in a different state alleviates their pain with cannabis on the comfort of their couch or local park lawn in peace.


State lines shouldn’t impact what is medicine or certain inalienable rights to freedom. So many people proudly display their cannabis culture daily and others hide in the shadows. Maybe you were arrested, maybe you’re paranoid, or maybe you’re just living in the wrong state.


4/20 is no stoner secret; it’s the one day a year where everyone thinks about marijuana,1ccddd17aecc3ea0a2df65187bed6636 and this year even Grandma.


Marijuana has been under attack in the USA for almost seventy years. Why is a plant that can more effectively treat cancer than any other option we have, against the law?


Marijuana should have never been persecuted and we can’t right that wrong with enough haste. Enough people have been wronged, enough lives lost, and enough money wasted. Now that the truth is being set free and we are on a steady slide into full legalization, the best thing to do is to talk about it. We have freedom of speech in this country for a reason; we need to use it!


California native and cannabis activist, Coral Reefer suggested in one of her Stoney Sunday webisodes we make 4/20 our “coming out” day. This would be a day that we as a “taboo community” come out of the closet, if you will. No one is telling you how to do it but the one thing we can all do is share our relationship with cannabis with others. Rather than take to the streets like a mob, introduce someone who doesn’t know about the benefits of cannabis to your world.


Warning SignThe hardest people for me to tell were my parents. They have both never smoked a day in their lives and it wasn’t an easy thing to explain. Months later, they saw first hand the way cannabis alleviates my pain from Late Stage Lyme Disease. They even had to help me medicate when the pain was so excruciating! Now they share my story with everyone they know to encourage more people to get passionate about cannabis legalization.


I’m pledging today, 4/20 will forever be the day we all talk to someone new in our lives about cannabis. Will you take the pledge with me?

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