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RECAP: HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup In Santa Rosa

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RECAP: HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup In Santa Rosa
The Sonoma County Fairgrounds was a perfect venue for the Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup.  The food vendors andancillary businesses lined the path leading directly to the mouth of the 420 section.


Whether you care to stay up to speed on the latest businesses hitting the market or like to simply enjoy the spectacle, the event has something for everyone who loves cannabis.

2014 Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup Winners Announced

Businesses came from all over the nation to share their products and services with the mecca of medical marijuana – Northern California.  The amount of tented booths packed into the medicating areas was impressive, which came as no surprise with over 250 registered competitors at this year’s Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup.


Those who attended the 2014 Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup were treated to CBD lotions and tinctures to sample, lots of free swag, and fabulous deals on anything cannabis related. The amount of dispensaries soliciting “sign-ups” has significantly decreased compared to prior years, while the glass blowers really seemed to step up their presence.

“Questions could be raised as to why Magnolia Wellness didn’t even crack the top 3 for Best Booth.”


Revere Glass and Hitman Glass, who took home first place for Best Glass, each showcased their work to the public alongside many budding entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves.


For instance, Vader Extracts took home first place for Best Booth. They had scantily clad 420 Nurses turning heads and offering free dabs to the masses.


magnolia wellness


That being said, questions could be raised as to why Magnolia Wellness didn’t even crack the top 3 for Best Booth. Not only did they give away thousands of dollars in vendor donated merchandise, smoking tools, and concentrates, but legendary activists like Debby Goldsberry and Dennis Peron could be found there throughout the weekend. In what was a collaboration with Compassion Edibles, the booth raised $1,300 forParents 4 Pot by selling mini infused donuts.


One of the major attractions of the Cannabis Cup is that attendees are often introduced to products that they might not get to see elsewhere. This year’s list of standouts includes VapeXhale, who had free dabs for anyone who wanted a try their VapeXNail attachment for the Cloud EVO. Furthermore, Cloud Penz offered a sneak peak of their latest pen style set to drop in the next two weeks.


The judges have spoken, and a complete list of winners can be found below. The next HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup will be in Clio, Michigan July 26-27, 2014. Those interested in attending can purchase tickets here.

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The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Hits Santa Rosa This Weekend

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The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Hits Santa Rosa This Weekend


The fifth HIGH TIMES Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup is taking place this weekend in Santa Rosa, CA at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. With over 250 competing entries and increasing attendances each year, it’s safe to say the expectations are as high as ever.


The first Cannabis Cup took place in Amsterdam in 1988 and has become an annual tradition. As the marijuana movement spreads, we see more Cup locations arising every year. San Francisco is celebrating it’s eighth Medical Cannabis Cup, and the event’s final stop in California this year.

Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup Highlights NorCal’s Finest

The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup is famous for providing leading cannabis experts with an opportunity to showcase their ingenuity to the public. You can find flower, concentrates, genetics, clothing, and any other cannabis-related wares you can think of at this event.


With a section that is open to the public, anyone may purchase a ticket to attend a Cannabis Cup and meet with many different entrepreneurs in this budding industry. However, you must carry a valid CA I.D. and a CA medical marijuana recommendation to walk into the cloudy medication areas.


Different speakers host seminars and guest lectures on their areas of expertise throughout the day. If you want to know how to open your own collective, how to grow your own cannabis, or how to get in touch with a lawyer, this can be a great place to get started.


hightimes santa rosa


Whether you get the one or two day pass, you are in for non-stop entertainment, including: live music, performers, a one-of-a-kind crowd. Dabs and ‘swag’ run rampant, leaving many people wondering, “where have all the flowers gone?” It can take a little hunt to find a booth actually showcasing cannabis in the traditional bud form.


“Steep Hill Halent Labs was responsible for lab testing this year’s Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup entries.”


Last year, Magnolia Wellness brought fresh coconuts and kept the dabs flowing right by the ferris wheel, where we could all float along the top of the city basking in delight.


They hope to step things up this year with live DJs, painting, $1 infused doughnuts, and an abundance of free dabs.


Steep Hill Halent Labs was responsible for lab testing this year’s Bay Area Medical Cannabis Cup entries. The winners (chosen by private judges) will be announced at the close of the second day.


The special musical guest appearance for this year’s event in Santa Rosa will be moe. – a five-member guitar and drum ensemble with a national and international reputation. Rolling Stone described them as a “legendary jam band” in 2007.

Valerie and Mike Corral To Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor that HIGH TIMES bestows. This year, they recognize Valerie and Mike Corral – the founders of Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM), the premier medical marijuana collective in the nation.


WAMM opened its doors in 1993, serving the chronically ill with safely grown organic cannabis in various different forms. According to Federal Judge Jeremy Fogel, “WAMM is the Gold Standard of the medical marijuana movement.”


lifetime award


Despite being raided in 2002, WAMM stood strong in their convictions, sued the federal government and won before replanting their luscious garden. Their continued service to the community is a haven for so many ill people in the Santa Cruz area and their long-term activism is greatly responsible for the progress we all enjoy today.


With only one day to go before the event, the time to purchase tickets is running out quickly. If you can afford it, the judges pass ($250) would be the ultimate way to experience the Cup. But even if you can only go for one day ($50 on Saturday/$40 on Sunday/$100 for the VIP two day pass), it’s still bound to be a good time.

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Get To Know Dustin Revere And The Revere Glass School

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Get To Know Dustin Revere And The Revere Glass School


Glassblowing and cannabis have a long-standing symbiotic history. Every few months, as another US state legalizes and/or decriminalizes medical cannabis, the glassblowing industry garnishes more attention and increasing acceptance in American culture.


In my search to learn a bit more about the inner workings of the glass community, I had the chance to catch up with Dustin Revere, founder of Revere Glass School. He has been blowing glass for over 20 years, and his experience in the industry is one of a kind.


“Innovation, artistic expression, and education within the glass blowing communities is truly my life’s work,” Dustin says.


revere glass

Dustin Revere: 20+ Years Of Glassblowing

Dustin Revere starts his day off by taking his kids to school just like normal parents but instead of going to sit behind a boring desk all day, he heads into his glassblowing studio.  Each day consists of exciting meetings, teaching lessons, or glassblowing ingenuity.


Dustin has a long history working with different art mediums, which his parents encouraged from a very young age.  His dad was a jeweler and Dustin grew up in a creative environment that allowed him to truly follow his heart and pursue his passions however they developed.  Naturally, we are all very curious where his love for glass developed.


“I tried every medium I could get my hands on,” Dustin explains. “I had a lot of creative energy that I didn’t really know what to do with. So, when I was a kid – do you have a penny on you?” Lucky enough, I did.


Inspecting the penny, Dustin tilts it in my direction and explains, “My dad’s a jeweler and I would take a jewelry saw… I would  drill a hole in a penny right here,” pointing at the left corner of Lincoln’s shoulder.


“I was like seven, I would drill a hole in a penny and then cut around Abe Lincoln’s head and his nose and then leave that border and rim (of the penny) then then cut around all the way to his bust with a jewelry saw.”


However, Dustin points out that process is meticulous and not really up his alley. “So, when I got a little bit older, I was learning to sauder and put chains together,” he says. “I would just get them hot and melt the pennies into balls of flow and copper. You know looking back on it, I always played with fire a lot as a kid and I was always very creative.”


revere glass


When asked what brought him to glass, Dustin paused and waxed philosophic for a bit before offering this response: “[Glass is] like life. It’s fluid, so it never has a crystalline structure. And it’s fragile, but it’s stronger than steel under certain capacities, like under pressure.”


“The technical difficulty of glass was very exciting for me. Here was something that no matter how hard I worked at it, I could never master.” – Dustin Revere


Before he discovered glassblowing, Dustin spent a year or so perfecting his technique at pottery. Taking to it naturally, his teachers were impressed by his creative approach to his sculptures. His comfortability with fluid art made him the ideal candidate for glassblowing, and it appealed to him in more ways than one.


“The technical difficulty of glass was very exciting for me,” Dustin reminisces. “Here was something that no matter how hard I worked at it, I could never master. It’s not something that you ever master, it’s something that you work with more than master.”


Furthermore, Dustin explains that he was sucked in by the mystery of the glass world: “I was able to do something that people found fascinating, I think, which really was interesting. It was like I was a magician… If someone then had told me that I’d be a famous bong maker, and that my whole thing would be focused on pipes, I would have been like, ‘pft yeah right, Im a classical artist.’ But in reality, pipes has grown [as an industry] and I’m lucky, but I had no intention of going into it.”


It didn’t take long for Dustin to become interested in pipe making. “Here I was, able to make this shape and by nature, just because of its shape, it raised all these emotional reactions from people whether they were good or bad. From my understanding, that’s what art should do. It should evoke an emotional reaction.”

Revere Glass School: The Original Pipe Making School

Revere Glass was founded in 2006, when Dustin realized the scene was in dire need of a pipe making school. Classes are offered in both private and public sessions. The atmosphere at Revere is relaxed, friendly, and down to earth; egos are checked at the door and everyone is on a first name basis.


Most glass schools kick out students who attempt to make pipes and here it is not only encouraged, you can take classes specifically for this. Revere has set the bar high by creating a curriculum based program that you can only find here in Berkeley, CA.


The glass blowing style offered at Revere is a hybrid of American Pipe Making only taught here or through an apprenticeship. It’s a mix of the Venetian style that Dustin first learned and the American Scientific Laboratory style. This fusion is what makes Revere special.


So special, in fact, that one student recently uprooted from Italy and to Revere because this was among the only schools in world where you can learn to make pipes. Considering that Venice, Italy is the hub of glassblowing, this is quite the statement.


“We don’t discriminate against what object you make,” Dustin jokes, “Any object you want to make as long as it’s not meth pipes!”

Revere Glass School: Inspiring The Next Generation Of Glassblowers

There were maybe ten to fifteen famous glassblowers when Dustin first started blowing glass and he has watched it take off like the old wild west. Now, he offers the following advice to aspiring glassblowers.


“It’s not a pipe dream anymore. If you are on your own, you can do it. You just have to take one step at a time. It might be watching a youtube video, maybe its finding a welding torch, an oxygen tank. That’s how I started, it’s not like someone handed me a studio, there was no craigslist at the time, I needed a torch. You have to be ingenuitive. You have a couple choices here, you’re about to go to college or figure out what you’re going to do.


revere glass


You could spend a $100,000 and if you’re lucky have a job you hate or you could pay $10,000 and have a career in an industry thats blossoming during this recession. You could make 30k or more a year. I tell that to parents and they know I’m right. America has an insatiable appetite for pipes.”


“If you want to do something creative, you have a lot higher chance of being glassblower than being a rockstar, a musician or even a tattoo artist, It’s not quite flooded yet.” – Dustin Revere


In addition to the classes offered at the Revere School, Dustin believes their youtube videos are helping people learn from home in a way not possible before. “I get phone calls, emails, and comments every day about how the youtube videos have helped people get started in glassblowing. It’s very rewarding. I think we are going to be seeing a lot of new glassblowers coming on the scene. It’s going to create a lot of advancement in techniques and new glassblowers. If you want to do something creative, you have a lot higher chance of being glassblower than being a rockstar, a musician or even a tattoo artist, It’s not quite flooded yet.”


While the rest of us might dream of making spoon pipes or a favorite type of bong, Dustin dreams about how to help us get the job done. “Some people ask me what my favorite thing to make and they expect me to say a sherlock or a bubbler or a retticello, but my answer is glassblowers. That’s what I go home and dream about. ‘How can I make more glassblowers?’ ‘How can I get more people making cannabis pipes in the world.’”


“Look at what Kevin and I are doing,” Revere continues. “We’re figuring out how to get it out to people. I want those people to come to Revere and blow glass. I want people to come collab with us. It’s all a part of the same family. We are all on this safety boat, and we don’t need to fight each other. I want people to realize there’s enough room for all of us; it’s supported my family for years, it will support everyone else too. It is the healing of the nation. People don’t quite grasp it yet, but it’s cool, they’re getting it.


revere glass


While it may be surprising to some, Dustin says he has no interest in leaving a legacy in the glass community. “I could care less if people remember what I do after I die.”


Explaining further, he had he following to say: “For right now, it’s kind of cool that people care what I do but after I’m dead, why would I care? When I was a kid, I saw my Dad build a school and I saw that it was possible – that’s what I’m leaving behind. I’m showing my children that it is possible, that you can do it. It’s a struggle, it’s hard, the money is not always there but I’d rather be doing this than sitting behind a desk working for the man. When it comes to Revere [Glass], I do it because it feels right. I do it because it’s fun. What’s legacy? All I have is the moment.”

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Florida Passes Limited Medical Marijuana Law, Legalizes Charlotte’s Web Strain

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Florida Passes Limited Medical Marijuana Law, Legalizes Charlotte’s Web Strain

Florida is now the 23rd state to legalize cannabis in the United States, although it is extremely limited in scope. It is now legal to for five individuals chosen by the state to grow low-THC cannabis, and see that it gets processed into an extract for children and adults suffering from epilepsy, Lou Gehrig’s disease and cancer.

Governor Rick Scott Signed Charlotte’s Web Bill Monday

Governor Rick Scott signed senate bill 1030 into law allowing cannabis with low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to be grown and distributed in oil form to Floridian patients.


gov rick scott“As a father and grandfather, you never want to see kids suffer,” Scott said in a prepared statement. “The approval of Charlotte’s Web will ensure that children in Florida who suffer from seizures and other debilitating illnesses will have the medication needed to improve their quality of life. I am proud to stand today with families who deserve the ability to provide their children with the best treatment available.”


Considering Rick Scott’s personal views toward legalizing cannabis, he seems to have drawn his line more clearly than before. Despite opposition for legalizing cannabis, he is willing to recognize the medicinal benefits and not stand between patients and their doctors. Floridian children with epilepsy and their parents will no longer be forced to move across state lines to access CBD-rich cannabis.


Florida is home to an estimated 125,000 children suffering from epilepsy, who’s parents lobbied very hard to get to this point. The oil and vapor form are legal but smoking cannabis is still illegal. Adults suffering from epilepsy may carry a prescription for the oil as well.


“Today is an important day for our cause, but while tens of thousands of Floridians are one step closer to a healthier life, many times that number can draw nothing but hope from this move.” – Ben Pollara


As for the adults and children suffering from other debilitating conditions, they will have to wait until for November to vote yes on Amendment 2, which will widen the scope of illnesses legally treated by medical cannabis.


“Today is an important day for our cause, but while tens of thousands of Floridians are one step closer to a healthier life, many times that number can draw nothing but hope from this move,” said Ben Pollara, United for Care’s campaign manager.


He goes on to explain, “the only definitive and conclusive solution to removing the barriers faced by patients with debilitating conditions who can benefit from the use of medical cannabis is the approval of Amendment 2 on November 4.”

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Pot Culture: What Message are We Sending and Does it Matter?

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Cheech and Chong to Reefer Madness to Weeds, the impressions our cinema portrays of marijuana users range from chaotic, violent, and unintelligent, to goofy, confused and engaging in illicit and extreme behavior. Similar to those of us who avoid political extremes, the majority of Americans fall into a much more boring category somewhere in between.


The Hollywood cinema portrays Cheech and Chong as the lazy good for nothing 60’s stoners who are just out to have a good time and get trippy. They sit at green lights and have insightful conversations about the shapes of clouds and whether or not mixingCheech Marin and Tommy Chong at the 2008 ALMA Awards. Pasadena Cheetos and whipped cream will taste good together. They may be annoying to the driver of the car stuck behind them or to the poor cashier helping them at the grocery store but other than their potential drain on society or a family member, they are harmless.


Reefer Madness is filled with blatantly absurd scenes of marijuana-induced fantasies intended to terrify the masses into believing that cannabis, a healing plant with psychoactive effects, was this evil “Marijuana” destined to destroy their children’s futures and sabotage their minds. The US government was determined to spearhead the “war on drugs” with a focus on marijuana, their “gateway drug.” So those who knew nothing ate up the movie like the propaganda it was and those who understood cannabis laughed and laughed, unable to convince the lemmings of the lie they swallowed whole. As we’ve all seen, the truth did come out in the end.


Weeds, the TV show about a mother of two who had to sell cannabis in order to keep paying rent after her husband passed away, comes with a whole new perspective, a lead character much more relatable to the average American. However, the basis of a single mom selling drugs doesn’t sound very wholesome nor does it relate to the average American stoner. It doesn’t really help with the legalization efforts except to expose moreHealth Care Cash and more people to the plant.


There is no show that highlights the medicinal necessity of the war against prohibition. The majority of people who need it most have little to no representation. The CNN and Discovery Channel specials are a limited window into a world. This window is about as realistic about the world of medical marijuana as window-shopping conveys what living as a millionaire feels like.


In the last ten years, the increased incidence of news specials, web series, and cannabis-related businesses proves that there is nothing lazy about the cannabis community whatsoever. So what message is the pot culture conveying when we have so many Woman Praising And Enjoying Golden Sunsetunrealistic examples from which to choose?


Are we lazy, couch-bound, hungry, goofy stoners or driven, focused cannabis activists on a mission to end prohibition? Perhaps these extreme worlds overlap from time to time. Maybe our mystery is what has the world’s would-be entrepreneurs sitting on the edge of their seats, tantalized to discover the next move of the Cannabis Industry, and ready to jump into today’s Gold Rush.

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Attorney General Urges Legislators To Reduce Nonviolent Drug Sentences

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Attorney General Urges Legislators To Reduce Nonviolent Drug Sentences

After the U.S. Sentencing Committee voted in favor of reducing sentences for nonviolent drug crimes, the progress was noted. President Obama recently called for clemency and now Attorney General Eric Holder has echoed these cries.

AG Eric Holder Supports Retroactively Reducing Jailtime

On Tuesday, Attorney General Holder announced his support for retroactively reducing sentences for those already serving jail time for non-violent drug offenses.


“Not everyone in prison for a drug-related offense would be eligible,” Holder said Tuesday. “Nor would everyone who is eligible be guaranteed a reduced sentence. But this proposal strikes the best balance between protecting public safety and addressing the overcrowding of our prison system that has been exacerbated by unnecessarily long sentences.”

sally yates

The US commission heard testimony Tuesday from Georgia U.S. Attorney Sally Yates, who also offered her support for the measure.


“While we believe finality in sentencing should remain the general rule, and with public safety our foremost goal, we also recognize that sentences imposed for some drug defendants under the current sentencing guidelines are longer than necessary,” Yatestold the commission. “And this creates a negative impact upon both the public’s confidence in the criminal justice system and our prison resources.”


Thousands of lives have been altered by the war on drugs, and advocates believe the adjustment to these laws could drastically improve their situation. According to the Drug Policy Alliance, 20 to 50 thousand prisoners may be positively affected by this change and it could save taxpayers an estimated $2.4 billion.

“This move would help correct sentencing laws that have broken our criminal justice system and led to the mass incarceration of many low-level nonviolent drug offenders.” – Anthony Papa


Anthony Papa, Media Relations Manager for The Drug Policy Alliance, who served 12 years behind bars due to New York’sRockefeller Drug Laws, applauded Attorney General Holder for his support. In doing so, he explained the potential benefits of retroactively reducing drug sentences.


“Many prisoners that would become eligible have paid their debt to society and deserve a second chance to be reunited with their families and become productive tax-paying citizens,” Papa says. “This move would help correct sentencing laws that have broken our criminal justice system and led to the mass incarceration of many low-level nonviolent drug offenders.”


Legislators are expected to vote on on the measure next month. Those interested in more information are encouraged to contact Tony Newman (646-335-5384) or Tony Papa (646-420-7290)

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