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Canadian Doctors Given The Green Light To Prescribe Medical Marijuana

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Canadian Doctors Given The Green Light To Prescribe Medical Marijuana


Since Canada has legalized medical cannabis, they have spread out access availability across the country. Physicians have been given licenses to prescribe marijuana, however, until recently Canadian doctors have lacked a set of guidelines to follow when providing their patients with specific usage instructions.

Canada Doctors Now Prescribing Cannabis To Patients

The College of Family Physicians of Canada has created a new set of guidelines to instruct doctors how and when to help their patients medicate with marijuana to treat their specific condition.


“Physicians are in a difficult situation with a product that remains illegal in Canada and yet for which they are now asked to actually be the prescriber of this substance,” said Francine Lemire, CEO of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.


The guidelines are to provide a blue-print for patients, designed to help doctors inform patients how to safely access marijuana without risk of unintended consequences.


Under the new set of guidelines, Canadian doctors are instructed to only prescribe cannabis to patients when all other treatment options have been exhausted. These guidelines also limit people under the age of 25 or those with a family history of psychosis or substance abuse disorder.  Medical marijuana is also not to be prescribed to treat anxiety or insomnia, regardless of multiple studies showing cannabis can actually help treat different stress-induced anxiety disorders as well as insomnia.

Canadian Physicians Not Sure How to Feel

Until Health Canada and other credible health institutions have completed comprehensive and extensive studies on the health benefits of cannabis, many physicians feel unsure of how to effectively exercise their right to prescribe cannabis.


canada leaf

Pain researcher at Dalhousie University and chair of the Arthritis Society’s scientific advisory committee, Jason McDougall said, “I think it’s high time that we found something to help the 4.6-million Canadians living with arthritis and trying to do something to help. I think physicians are hesitant about it because they don’t fully understand.”


The Arthritis Society has plans to allocate funds toward marijuana research, which Dr. McDougall hopes will help inform the public and encourage further community benefits through cannabis treatments.


Dr. Chris Simpson, President of the Canadian Medical Association believes that these guidelines with help prevent a “wild west” approach to cannabis treatment and will help doctors maintain a scientific approach and ensure better patient care.


Despite how stringent those guidelines seem to be, Canada is still far ahead of the United States when it comes toward getting cannabis safely to their ill.  With an estimated 40,000 Canadians using cannabis to medicate, we should start to see a shift in the healthcare system as more and more physicians begin to open their minds to cannabis as a viable treatment option.

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Psychoactive Cannabis Use Discovered in Pakistan Paleolithic Caves

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Palaeolithic caves. Matera. Basilicata.The earliest known use of a psychoactive substance was discovered in December of 2013. When scientists were excavating a Paleolithic settlement rumored to be 120,000 years old, they came across a tomb that held a shaman or cheiftan who was buried alongside a pottery jar containing resin, ashes, and dried leaves.


The most ancient site known to South Asia was discovered in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa this past December. When the scientists began to excavate the site, they came across something they never expected. The oldest Cannabis known to man.


Professor Muzaffar Kambarzahi of the National Institute of Historical & Cultural Researchlogoblue22 (NIHCR) at the Quaid-i-Azam University, studied into the matter, and he had the following to say in an interview with the World News Daily Report.


“According to the location and context in which the cannabis was found, leads us to believe it was used for ritual purposes. It seems that the occupants of the site threw large quantities of leaves, buds and resin in the fireplace situated on the far end of the cave, filling the entire site with psychotropic smoke.”


Ancient Middle Eastern oil lamp on grunge tableBefore this discovery, the earliest use of psychoactive cannabis was found in Romania back in 3rd millennium BC. At a burial site, charred cannabis seeds were found. As the existence of cannabis in our lives continues to flourish through all of the latest research on juicing, topicals, and CBD rich oils treating cancer and epilepsy, we so rarely see proof of how long this plant has been part of the human evolution. This discovery takes it one step further to prove that cannabis has been around most likely longer than humans and our qualms about it’s existence is petty and rather minute geologically speaking.

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Seattle HIGH TIMES 2014 Cannabis Cup Recap And Winners Announced

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Seattle HIGH TIMES 2014 Cannabis Cup Recap And Winners Announced

The Seattle HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup was a scene of cannabis activists, connoisseurs, and eager recreational users and medical patients.  The heat was unexpected but the sun was shining and even the cops were smiling and waving to us.  Chelsey with RasBoss even said that one cop stopped her on the side of the road to ask where she got her rasta Missmaryjaneco. leggings, so he could get his wife a pair.

HIGH TIMES Holds 2014 Cannabis Cup In Seattle

With four different 420 locations spread out in the corner parking lots of the Comcast Arena, which housed the seminars and speeches, it wasn’t surprising that many people were left to walk in circles unsure of where anything was.  You weren’t allowed to bring food, drink, or medicine of any kind into the Comcast Arena, making it rather difficult for many to attend the seminars. As a medical patient with allergies, this was very disappointing to me. There was nowhere to leave my edibles safely, and unfortunately, I missed all of the seminars because of that.




As the years pass, it seems that HIGH TIMES is getting more and more focused on their net revenue and maximum number of shows they can squeeze into a year rather than top quality events for their patrons.  Fortunately, the vendors made this event what it was, giving graciously to the community ensuring everyone had a good time.

“With four different 420 locations spread out in the corner parking lots of the Comcast Arena, which housed the seminars and speeches, it wasn’t surprising that many people were left to walk in circles unsure of where anything was.”


HIGH TIMES was founded in 1974 at a time when counter culture really needed a place all its own. As marijuana heads toward federal legalization, the magazine has an opportunity to capitalize on the country’s desperation to participate in the cannabis world when their home states prevents them from doing so.


From what I gather, they charge high ticket costs that continue to rise and seemingly do less and less for their loyal clientele, evident from their lack of replies and unhappy people on the Seattle HT ticket page. Last year’s HIGH TIMES lawsuit against NW Harvest Cup reminds us just how not of a ‘team player’ HT wants to be.  They clearly desire to be the big dog and they don’t want any competition.

40,000 People Attended HIGH TIMES 2014 Seattle’s Cannabis Cup

Many famous Seattle dispensaries and in and out of state vendors bought booths to showcase their finest to the 40,000 expected attendees from across the nation. However, only the i502 recreational dispensaries were able to do business with the non medical patients.  The shatter, as Seattle is known for, was beautiful, top shelf, and super clean.  It was a surprise how many booths would pull you a very generous size dab or pack a fresh full bong of their organic bud but had nothing for you to take home for donation.



It would seem that Caviar Gold and Dabstars are turning giveaways into a habit.  The Caviar Gold booth won third place for their double high booth, which was suited out with girls wearing gold sexy jumpsuits that gave me flashbacks from Austin Power’s Goldmember and rappers rallying the crowd as they threw cavicones in every direction.  Jonah Tacoma carried the Dabstars team creating a permanent crowd around the booth as they threw edibles, vape pens, and swag galore to anyone and everyone in the masses.


The first night was finished with a concert performance by The Wailers as they serenaded us with Bob Marley’s entire album, “The Legend.”  It was masterful, the crowd was dancing, swaying, and the entire ice hockey arena had a very familiar aroma. The Wailers performed their hearts out and we ate it up.  It was truly unforgettable.


The Pacific Northwest has a strong and forceful presence but until Washington truly opens the floodgates the way Colorado has, the potential is left building.  i502 is far too stringent and with no open recreational storefronts available in Seattle, Washington is forced to ride in the tailcoats of Colorado as the recreational business heads that away.

Seattle High Times 2014 Cannabis Cup Winners

With only two judges per category and no “people’s vote,” it leaves a lot to be questioned as to the legitimacy of these results but they go as follows:

1st Place – Super Silver Haze from Life is Good Healing
2nd Place – Hawaiian Dutch from Zen Living Cooperative & Just Ice Wax Co-Lab
3rd Place – Durban Poison from TJ’S Organic Gardens

1st Place – Cookie Monster from The Source Genetics
2nd Place – Grandma’s Batch from Heirloom Genetics
3rd Place – Kaya’s Koffee from PacificNwRoots

1st Place – Rare Dankness Seeds’ Veganic Starkiller OG from William Braveheart Green for Vegamatrix
2nd Place – Lemon Tree from Creek Side
3rd Place – Thin Mint Cookies from Gold Coast Collection

1st Place – OG Ghost Train Haze #1 53-micron 5-Star Bubble Hash from A Greener Today with Goat Organics
2nd Place – ZkittleZ Bubble from 3rd Gen Family with Terp Hogz & BooBoo’s Bubble
3rd Place – Miami Haze 99% Heads / Drysift from PacificNwRoots

1st Place – Lemon Fire Nug Run from Mr. B Extracts
2nd Place – Master Yoda Batter from Brutal Bee with KC Extracts
3rd Place – OG Ghost Train Haze #1 Sugar Wax from A Greener Today

1st Place – Trail Blazer Bars from aKaWoNkA with Jesse Patrick
2nd Place – Sensi Sweets 3 Drink Sampler from A Greener Today with Sensi Sweets
3rd Place – Margarita Truffle – Lime, Tequila and Sea Salt from Cheffettes

1st Place – Super Lemon Haze from Olympia Mike
2nd Place – Blue Dream from TJ’S Organic Gardens
3rd Place – Sour Pebbles from Firebros.

1st Place – Kosher Kush from Phenotype Farmers
2nd Place – Rainbow Kush from A Green Cure
3rd Place – Kosher Kush from Phenotype Farmers

1st Place – Zeus OG from A Greener Today
2nd Place – Super Lemon Haze from A Green Cure
3rd Place – Girl Scout Cookies from Fweedom Collective with Aurum Farms

1st Place – Pineapple Express 73-micron 5-Star Bubble Hash from A Greener Today with Goat Organics
2nd Place – White Tangerine OG – Non Solvent from The Bakeréé with Green Masons
3rd Place – Tangie Royale with Cheese from Black Dabber with Phenotype Farmers

1st Place – Blue Dream x Tangie from Vader Extracts & Grateful Meds
2nd Place – Dutch Treat Shatter from Rainier Alternative
3rd Place – Lemon Oranges from River City Holistics Health with Gold Coast Extracts

1st Place – Carms from Cascadia High
2nd Place – 1:1 CBD Slips from Oakor and TKO
3rd Place – S’mores Cup from Bungles Edibles

Flower – Sour Tsunami #3 from Solstice
Concentrate – CBD Simple from Cannavest
Edible – Lunch Box from Florida Buds and Arborside Compassion

CBDemu from Browns Botanicals

1st Place – Vader Extracts
2nd Place – CLOUD PENZ
3rd Place – Caviar Gold

1st Place – Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips by Vader Extracts
2nd Place – Cloud Penz by Cloud Penz
3rd Place – Transdermal Gel by Mary’s Medicinals

1st Place – TGOD Dwreck Puck by Nexus Glass
2nd Place – Sasquatch Glass Guitar by Sasquatch Glass
3rd Place – Dr. GreenThumb’s Phuncky Feel Tips by B-Real

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