Pot Culture: What Message are We Sending and Does it Matter?

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Cheech and Chong to Reefer Madness to Weeds, the impressions our cinema portrays of marijuana users range from chaotic, violent, and unintelligent, to goofy, confused and engaging in illicit and extreme behavior. Similar to those of us who avoid political extremes, the majority of Americans fall into a much more boring category somewhere in between.


The Hollywood cinema portrays Cheech and Chong as the lazy good for nothing 60’s stoners who are just out to have a good time and get trippy. They sit at green lights and have insightful conversations about the shapes of clouds and whether or not mixingCheech Marin and Tommy Chong at the 2008 ALMA Awards. Pasadena Cheetos and whipped cream will taste good together. They may be annoying to the driver of the car stuck behind them or to the poor cashier helping them at the grocery store but other than their potential drain on society or a family member, they are harmless.


Reefer Madness is filled with blatantly absurd scenes of marijuana-induced fantasies intended to terrify the masses into believing that cannabis, a healing plant with psychoactive effects, was this evil “Marijuana” destined to destroy their children’s futures and sabotage their minds. The US government was determined to spearhead the “war on drugs” with a focus on marijuana, their “gateway drug.” So those who knew nothing ate up the movie like the propaganda it was and those who understood cannabis laughed and laughed, unable to convince the lemmings of the lie they swallowed whole. As we’ve all seen, the truth did come out in the end.


Weeds, the TV show about a mother of two who had to sell cannabis in order to keep paying rent after her husband passed away, comes with a whole new perspective, a lead character much more relatable to the average American. However, the basis of a single mom selling drugs doesn’t sound very wholesome nor does it relate to the average American stoner. It doesn’t really help with the legalization efforts except to expose moreHealth Care Cash and more people to the plant.


There is no show that highlights the medicinal necessity of the war against prohibition. The majority of people who need it most have little to no representation. The CNN and Discovery Channel specials are a limited window into a world. This window is about as realistic about the world of medical marijuana as window-shopping conveys what living as a millionaire feels like.


In the last ten years, the increased incidence of news specials, web series, and cannabis-related businesses proves that there is nothing lazy about the cannabis community whatsoever. So what message is the pot culture conveying when we have so many Woman Praising And Enjoying Golden Sunsetunrealistic examples from which to choose?


Are we lazy, couch-bound, hungry, goofy stoners or driven, focused cannabis activists on a mission to end prohibition? Perhaps these extreme worlds overlap from time to time. Maybe our mystery is what has the world’s would-be entrepreneurs sitting on the edge of their seats, tantalized to discover the next move of the Cannabis Industry, and ready to jump into today’s Gold Rush.

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